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Privacy Directive|Privacy Policy

Information for data processing by type. 13 and 14 EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)

We hereby inform you about the processing of your personal data and you are entitled to privacy - legal claims and rights. The content and scope of data processing depends largely on the applied for each of you or. you agreed products and services.

1. Who is responsible for data processing and to whom you can contact?


Name and address of the person responsible

Kart Racing GmbH, Harald Egger
Freizeitzentrum 1
2471 Pachfurth, Austria
Tel: +43 2162 68380
Fax: +43 2162 68653

Vereter within the European Union

Kart Racing GmbH, Harald Egger
Freizeitzentrum 1
2471 Pachfurth, Austria
Tel: +43 2162 68380
Fax: +43 2162 68653

owner: Harald Egger100%

Data Protection Officer

Mr. Harald Egger
Tel: +43 2162 68380
Fax: +43 2162 68653


2. About protecting your privacy in the company

Our company is the protection of your data very important. You can trust, that we exercise in dealing with your personal data the best possible care and meet our specified in the applicable data protection laws obligations. In this Privacy Policy ("Policy") is explained, how we collect and process personal data, if you use our products and services and we provide products and services to. This Directive regulates the handling of personal data, you give us. Where it is required by law, we will notify you in advance or pick your consent. This Directive shall apply without exception to all clients of our company. It also applies to all visitors to our web pages, no matter whether they are dealing with customers of our company or not. Please read this policy, our Terms and Conditions and any terms of use, which relate to products and services, for which you have registered. This policy may change from time to time. Therefore please look regularly on our website to check, whether the policy has changed. Our products and services include in some cases links to websites of other companies. In turn, these companies may have their own privacy policies. We recommend you, to familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of these companies. We assume no responsibility for the privacy practices or content, which refer to products or services of these companies (Disclaimer).

3. Disclosure and transparency

The purpose of this privacy policy is to, to inform all users about the handling of our company with personal data and the privacy policy of the company. Since customers on the site have the opportunity, to ask specific questions and receive certain information, Our company needs any information on the identity of the customer and the ways to contact. The current offer on the website of our company constantly updated. Our company asks for this reason to issue instructions stating their areas of activity and business and to provide appropriate information about expectations and experiences with products and services of our company all users.

3.1. What data are processed and the sources from which the data was collected?

Depending on the nature of our services and products, we may collect the following personal data. Where it is required by law, we agree to in advance or obtain your express consent. We process personal data, we receive as part of the business relationship by you or by a person authorized by you distributor. We also process data from publicly available sources (z.B. Company register, club register, Land Registry, media) have legitimately received. To personal data, for example, include your personal details (Name, Address, contact details, professional information, etc.), Legitimationsdaten (z.B. ID data, business licenses, Company entries). In addition, including job data (z.B. payment orders), Data from the performance of our contractual obligation (z.B. sales data), Information about your financial status (z.B. credit information, Scoring- or. Ratingdaten, etc.), Advertising- and sales data, documentation data (z.B. counseling records), register data, image- and sound (z.B. Fotographs, Video- or phone records), processing results, we generate itself and its data to meet legal and regulatory requirements. in point 3.2. you data categories in question are now listed, as follows:

3.2. The categories of data we process?

category 1 - Base data

operational master data, Company name, Company Wording, Company addition, Internal system number, Address, Postal Code, place, Land, general telephone number, general email address, website, UID, Company register, Currency accounting, Assignment bank, payment, Hourly rates, Customer service internally, Supplier number in the external system, Billing address, alternative delivery address, Status active / passive (passive = longer or no customer relationship. Order, laid-off customer) and other data, by which we identify or contact you, we receive directly from you.

category 2 - Personal data

first given name, Surname, title, salutation, Position in company, Internal system number, Telephone Extension, Fax, direct dialing, Mobile phone number, private Phone, Private Cell Phone Number (only by personal announcement), personal email address within the company, Status active / passive (passivated = z.B. resigned from the company), Profitcenter, Department and other data, by which we identify or contact you, we receive directly from you.

category 3 - Data in the daily business

Order-, contracting, billing- and payment data, Performance data, Correspondence, so data, you send us, to utilize our services. These include bank account details, Billing address and data, the us in the course of inquiries, let an order or contact requests come about our products and services.

category 4 - payments

defaults, so data, you send us, to utilize our services. These include bank account details, Billing address and data, the us in the course of inquiries, let an order or contact requests come about our products and services.

category 7 – Emails

Inventory data "- Name , E-Mail-Adresse, possibly. other header information, Content data " (Contents of e-mails - "Body")


Data for general use

is information, generated, while you take our products and services in claim, For example, if you place a call from our network, surf the internet, visit our website. We do not use personal information for general use except for purposes of providing and billing of our products and services, such as, technical support, accounting, Hard- and software upgrades, Debt collection or credit checks.

Other personal data

are data, we can relate in accordance with applicable laws from publicly available sources or from credit protection associations. If you provide us with personal data of other people, We capture this may also. This is the case for example, if you buy one of our products as a gift for someone else.

4. Service-oriented processing and use of data

Data is only processed by our company and used, for customers to provide the best possible service. The data will help for example in the processing of transactions, in the transmission of information about products and services of our company and to further improve the website. Credit card information from customers are used solely in connection with payments and will be stored for any other purpose nor processed. our company eventually will make information about products and / or services to get users of the website and users also ask for their opinion on the development and advancement of. Users will always have the option to refrain from providing such information, and to reject such requests and information for the future. Our company will seek in this case to the best of its knowledge and belief about, that users of the site, no additional information will be sent to. In addition, each user can stipulate in advance, not to receive such inquiries and information.

Why do we use personal data?

It is in the nature of our services and products, that we collect data about you and your products. We make a point, our products and services easy, to make personal and reliable. Therefore, we are constantly striving, to improve our services and products and to adapt as well as possible to your personal needs. For the following reasons, we can therefore collect personal information (where we agree, if necessary, or obtain your consent):

In order to provide our products and services are available.

We use the contact, Account-, and service data as well as data for general use, our products and services to set up and maintain, and, of course, for administrative purposes. These include procurement, technical support, Upgrades of hardware and software, accounting, Debt collection and credit checks.

In order to introduce new products and services.

Sometimes we inform you about future features of our products and services, may interest you. In the "How you can contact- or log out "is explained, how to update your settings, to obtain information or not.

To allow you to purchase goods and services of our trading partners.

At times we have, while you use our products and services, on the screen or online special offers before and offer you, to purchase goods and services from our partners. This can advertising company, organizer, Supplier of Hard- and software, its applications or App Stores (collectively referred to herein as "trading partners"). To take advantage of these offers or to carry out such a transaction, it can happen, us to forward your requisite personal data to trading partners, who are responsible. The data are paid by our company only with your consent to these offers. Their requests recorded and disclosed, the agreement we already received by your expression of interest in our products or services, as well as products and services our trading partners. Once your request has been processed, trading partners may use your personal data, to send you more information, may interest you. The use of personal data by the trading partners is subject to the respective privacy policies of these companies. If you have questions about the use of your personal data by the trading partner, Please check out their directives.

In order to evaluate our performance.

Sometimes we use personal data, to you for your feedback on our products and services, our customer service, ask our maintenance and our company. If permitted by applicable law, we may use personal information to answer customer inquiries and prevent fraud or detect. We can also your communication with us, such as e-mails and phone calls, record or save. This is done for the purpose of training, Quality assurance and to store details about the products and services, you order from us. However, we do not store any phone calls without your prior consent.

To comply with our legal obligations.

Sometimes we are required by law, disclose personal information, to support legal proceedings or to comply with regulatory requirements / inquiries. In the course of a pending court case, the data can be disclosed without your consent and agreement. We reserve the right to, to challenge the authorities access to personal data.

Other types of use.

We may use anonymous and collected information, create reports and analyzes about, what types be viewed or skipped content and / or advertisements. You can also for research purposes or used other legitimate business purposes.

5. Disclosure of Data

personal data, which were transmitted online to our company, in principle only to other group companies of our company and / or business- or. passed trading partners, when appropriate (z.B. inquire, Orders from various manufacturers with customer data). In all other cases, personal data will be passed only after prior permission of the subject or based on a legal obligation to third parties. those data, be detected online, can also be linked to information, the the performance and utilization of services. be granted when ordering products of our company. Especially for product inquiries and orders, Basic data must largely be sent to the manufacturer (z.B. Company name, Contact Person, Email address of the contact person, contact details, and for example, domain data, IP address, …), the same also applies to renewals (Renewals) and lead Geniererungen, or. Registration requests, Customer. These are provided exclusively to the manufacturer, for such abuses, our company is, however, harmful- and hold harmless.

To whom personal data are?

Our company has a concern, To protect your personal data. In order to provide our products and services are available, can we, in accordance with legal regulations and if necessary after obtaining your consent, or after we have agreed to, personal information to outside parties (as described in a row) hand off. This includes parties, which are located outside the EU and Switzerland and therefore obey different privacy laws.

Parties within our company

In compliance with the statutory provisions and, if necessary, after obtaining your prior consent to your personal information to parents, Stores and other businesses of our company (collectively, the "Subsidiaries"). hand off, In this case, we require our subsidiaries, comply with this Privacy Policy.

Our employees.

We limit the number of employees, have access to your personal data, a selection of specially authorized persons to. These employees have access to your data, because this is necessary for carrying out their activities.

trading partner.

If we present a special offer or action, is responsible for the execution of one of our trading partners, it can happen, that we continue to give relevant personal information to these trading partners. For more information, see "Why do we use personal data?“

Buyers of our company.

If another company to purchase our company or acquire shares in our company, include your personal data with, go the personal data, acquired by our company, in the ownership of this company over, including all laid down in this Directive rights and obligations.

Other external parties.

Unless permitted by law, we can forward personal data to external parties, we trust, if this is necessary to provide our products and services (as customer service). We can transfer data also to third, which were specially commissioned by our company, offer our products and services. In this case, we demand from the external parties, to keep the information confidential and secure and to use it only for the purpose of providing this product or service. Insofar as permitted by law and necessary, we provide data to credit protection associations and collection agencies. It can happen, that we are required by law, to forward personal data to authorities or other external parties.

6. Prior Information Requiring Approval

personal data, the writing, were transmitted by telephone or online in jedglicher Art, be treated exactly in accordance with these terms. In the case, departing from these provisions, the prior consent of / of those affected will be sought.

7. topicality, Information and Amendment

Our company updated and revised the existing data holdings of personal data ever. Users always have the option of our company about changes to inform their personal data. The data is then updated and amended accordingly. Users are asked all inquiries regarding updating, Rectification and deletion of their personal data and all other information regarding. to send their personal data to the following e-mail address:

8. Storage of data

We may retain personal information only as long, as to fulfill the specific and legitimate business purpose, for which we have collected it, is necessary, unless, a longer storage of personal data is required by law. In addition, in the storage period, the statute of limitations, the z. B. after the Civil Code (ABGB) in certain cases up to 30 years (the general limitation period is 3 years) can be, to consider. For the duration of the business relationship (of the initiation of the progress up to the termination of a contract) and moreover, according to the legal Storage- and documentation requirements. These result u. A. from the Commercial Code (ark) or the federal tax code (HOW), and the laws dezitieren points: 29 BFA-VG, § 132 Abs. 1 HOW, $ 212 ark, DSAG 2018, VO 580/2016, § 54 DSG

9. Subjects' rights

So you can se- or unsubscribe

Sometimes we will contact you, to inform you about products and services, may interest you. This is done on a voluntary basis. If you no longer want to be contacted for marketing purposes by us, You can log out in various ways (for example, by e-mail, Phone or mail) or contact our customer service. Our customer service can be reached via the contact us section on our website.

What are my rights?

you have the right, incomplete, false, delete inappropriate or outdated personal data or to update. Please contact us, if you think, that data, that we hold about you, incomplete, incorrect, are inappropriate or outdated. We will correct or delete the data within the statutory period. you have the right, to experience, what personal data we hold about you. You also have the right, to revoke your consent to use your personal data for marketing purposes at any time. Please contact the customer service, if you wish to receive promotional marketing information and no more calls from us. Customer service can be reached via the "Contact" section on our website. Please note in this context, that we may not be able to offer you certain services, if you prohibit us, to process your personal data.

10. data security

Our company endeavors to the best of its ability, personal data according to the prior art before random and illegal destruction and loss and to protect it, that the use of the data is legal and, that these data are not accessible to unauthorized. Our company is entitled encrypted to save critical data and also in external data storage devices, that meet the legal requirements, to store and operate within the EU for security purposes.

How do we protect personal data?

We are committed, to protect their privacy and many our company to this end have set reasonable measures. We have officially appointed persons in our company so, to ensure the security of our network and our infrastructure and our information systems in the best possible protection and support. We have implemented solutions for protecting personal data. These are divided into technical solutions and policies, and are different from Service OFFERED product to product or service. Examples of such solutions include the protection of passwords, encoding, Firewalls, Antivirus-Programme, Detection of unauthorized access and anomalies.

11. Datengeheimnis

the employees, Business- and partners of our company even after termination of their employment over a certain period of time to maintain data confidentiality obligation.

12. Further Development and Data

The privacy policy of our company is supported by a commitment to actively protecting data and maintaining data confidentiality. As the essential component of a successful data protection policy is our company's continuous development and improvement of the privacy standards our company.

Whom can I contact in connection with this Directive?

If you have comments or questions about this privacy policy or you want to know, what personal data we hold about you, please contact our staff or. The data protection competent person. The e-mail address is

13. Formal rules and applicable law

If any provision of this Privacy Policy or. Terms be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Those rules, the the intended purpose comes closest, to replace the invalid provision. or changes the subject Datenschutzritchlinie. Terms of Use at any time and with the first publication of the following day legally.

or for this Privacy Policy. Terms of Austrian law. Excludes its reference standards and the CISG. Jurisdiction for all disputes to this contract and performance is each Vienna. consumer: For complaints against consumers is according to § 14 Austrian consumer protection law jurisdiction whose domicile, habitual residence or place of employment, if it is in the domestic.

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