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Station Kart

Please refer to our 580 m long with a Leihkartstrecke 10 give PS Kart on the gas. Depending on the group size, the participants are divided into smaller groups. At the same time 7-12 Karts on the track. after enrollment with Vexillology you can get to know the track during a free practice. At the following time training you can complete a quick round. this fastest lap will then determine your starting position at the starting grid. after an introduction round followed by a standing lights start and during the race you can compare your driving skills with the other. Who creates the most laps in the shortest time? the race results are added together. So we have despite several races a total winner. Various racing mode variants possible.

We need for each group 30 minutes preparation (enrollment, clothing, groups- and Kart classification).

We offer basic packages, but you can compile your race mode and itself. Depending on your preferences, you can start with us a free training or equal to a qualifying and race after driving. If you want to, the best riders of each group do a final race.

1 Hour maximum utilization in racing mode 7-24 persons,
Sturmhaubenpflmaybe in rental helmet!
clothing: HELM – OVERALLS charge on site
Please bring: Sturdy shoes with dΓΌcan soles, possibly gloves

inquire: 02162-68380


inquiry: 02162-68380


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