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Kart Racing
Kartvermietungs GmbH
Company register: 149038from
UID: ATU44580609

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Bank Austria
WERE GOING: AT631200038013456400
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is a registered and registered
Wort- Design mark the Patent Office, Vienna
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Rent of vehicle without provision of a link
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since 13.02.1998 for the location
2471 Pachfurth, Freizeitzentrum (Pachfurth) (may differ from the date of incorporation)
Business manager trade law: Harald Egger

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Member of the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria
Section: Rent of vehicle without provision of a link
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Harald Egger
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Company register: 149038from
UID number | VAT Number: ATU44580609
Gisa numbers: 12457564
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GesmbH. / GesmbH.
founding / Foundation: 1998 / 1998
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Provincial Court in Korneuburg
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Bezirkshauptmannschaft Bruck / Leitha

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Information gem § 19 Abs 3 AStG

According to § 19 Abs 3 AStG we have the consumer, if we can achieve this in a possible dispute, no agreement, on paper or on another durable medium (z.B. Email) on the competent authority to alternative dispute resolution, hereinafter referred to ADR entity, to point. Consumers also have the option, turn to the ODR platform the EU: We are according to § 19 Abs 3 AStG legal obligation for this information, but not required by law to participate in this process and is based in the worst case on a decision of our company to participate because. We also provide, whether we will participate in a procedure. You can lodge your complaint directly with us at the following e-mail address to bring:

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Additional information requirements for online sales submission to an ADR entity (Art 14 Abs 2 ODR-VO): Basically, we do not submit to consumers to an alternative dispute resolution at the following alternative dispute resolution system. If the legal obligation to submit the conditions set out for us ADR entities must be stated here: Internet Ombudsman (, Arbitration for consumer transactions (

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The exchange of messages with our company via e-mail is for informational purposes. Contractual declarations using this medium are not allowed. All offers are subject to, binding and are valid only after written confirmation. We reserve the right in the course of technical progress technical and design deviations from descriptions and changes, without any rights of any kind can be derived. amendments, Errors and printing errors. All information is subject to. Our company reserves the right to, changing all offers or parts of it without prior notice, add or delete. All prices in EUR excl. VAT. & Transport- and delivery costs. The General Terms and Conditions, Moreover agreements in question must be in writing. Goods until full payment of the property of our company. The jurisdiction is Vienna. All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned via Antispam Appliance Barracuda Networks. If you receive a response to your email, so please contact us by phone to contact to verify any blocked sender or content, and give you the ability to send emails to our company. archiving: All valid incoming and outgoing emails are received via mail Archiver Appliance Barracuda Networks required by law, unchangeable archived.

Archiving - extract from statutory provisions

Short excerpt from the most important Austrian laws, the transmitted electronically for archiving business documents are relevant.

HOW § 131 (3)

To guide books and records media can be used, when the same content, complete and orderly play until the expiry of the legal storage period guaranteed at all times; the complete and accurate recording and playback of all transactions to be backed up by appropriate devices. Who made entries in this form, got to, unless it is obliged to grant access, make those tools available at his own expense within a reasonable time, necessary, to make it readable to the documents, and, where necessary, unaided readable, teach lasting reproductions. Be permanent reproductions created, they must be put on disks available.

HOW § 132 (2)

With regard to the paragraph in. 1 documents referred, Business papers and other documents can happen storage on disks, when full, minor, the same content and urschriftgetreue playback until the expiry of the legal storage period guaranteed at all times. Provided that such documents are available only on disks, eliminates the need for urschriftgetreuen Play.

ark § 190 (5)

The entrepreneur can to ensure the due accounts and to store his business letters (§ 212 Abs. 1) use disk. Here has the same content, complete and orderly, terms in § 212 Abs. 1 Documents referred to also be the urschriftgetreue playback up to the end of the statutory retention periods guaranteed at all times. If such documents transmitted electronically, so its readability must be secured in an appropriate form. As far as the documents are only available on disks, eliminates the need for urschriftgetreuen Play.

ark § 212 (1)

The entrepreneur has his books, To invent, opening balances, Financial statements including the management reports, Consolidated statements including the group management reports, received business letters, Copies of the notices dispatched business letters and receipts for bookings in by him in accordance with § 189 Abs. 1 to leading books (accounting documents) seven years kept sorted; Moreover, even while, than for a pending court or official procedure, in which the contractor has party status, are important. (2) The deadline is at the end of the calendar year, for the made the last book entry, the inventory drawn up, the opening balance sheet and the financial statements found, has been the financial statements placed or received the business letter or transmitted.

ark § 216

Who entries or retainers in the form of § 189 Abs. 3 made must have, unless it is obliged to grant access, make those tools available at his own expense within a reasonable time, necessary, to make it readable to the documents, and, where necessary, the number needed without aids readable, teach durable reproductions.

UStG § 11 (2)

As a statement within the meaning of paragraph. 1 means any document, with an entrepreneur settles over a supply or other service, indifferent, as this document is referred to in business. This includes receipts, settlements, Against invoices and bills of lading. The under paragraph. 1 Information required to be contained in other documents, is pointed out in the bill. The calculations are also an invoice sent electronically applies, unless the recipient agrees. It applies only if an invoice, that the authenticity of origin and integrity of the contents are guaranteed. The Federal Minister of Finance determines with Regulation requirements, in whose presence these conditions are met. If the contractor invoices under subsection. 1 and downs. 1a of, so he has to make a copy or copy and store seven years; The same principle applies to documents, is pointed out in a statement. is on the copies or transcripts § 132 Abs. 2 the Federal Tax Code applicable. The authenticity of origin and integrity of the contents of invoices sent by electronic means must be guaranteed for a period of seven years.