Terms of Use

1. General
Our company operates under the main domains speedworld-kart.at sites, serve the payment or application of our company and our services and products. All users are encouraged to read the following terms of use and other legal texts carefully. the consent of the user with the below Terms of Use and other legal texts for the use of the website (z.B. Data protection, Copyright Notice, Linking & Framing) absolute prerequisite. means the use of the website, that the user accepts the terms of use and all other legal texts. In the case, that the user does not accept the Terms of Use, is mental.at him the continued use of the site and prohibited itsecurity.at. Done a violation of all or any provisions of the below Terms of Use and other legal texts, this means the immediate, automatic termination of the right to use the website. For violations of our company reserves all such rights, however arising (z.B. or warranty claims. from compensation) compared to the / the respective users(N) in front.

2. copyright
The use of the website is speedworld-kart.at permitted for information purposes and for private as well as professional purposes. All content on the website is protected by copyright speedworld-kart.at. This matter, whether content is offered for consideration or not. In the case of chargeable content (z.B. payable downloads) set more specific provisions laid, the extent to which there are other rights. All kinds of copies, distribution, Rental, award, publication, or other use of any type at all requires the explicit, written consent of our company and is without such permission expressly prohibited. An exception exists then, if the contrary is expressly laid down in a special purpose. Violation of this provision may, in particular trademark law, Pull copyright and competition law consequences. Our company expressly reserves all copyright and resulting rights (Rights of use and Permission) on the on the website offered sppedworld-kart.at content before. All users are encouraged to read the copyright statement.

3. data protection
Our company places great emphasis on the careful handling of personal data. For this reason, the privacy policy of our company follows the principle of maintaining data confidentiality and particularly emphasizes the protection of personal data. All users are encouraged to read the data privacy protection.

4. warranty
Our company can not guarantee, that the site speedworld-kart.at, and offered services is always and at all times. Technical errors and / or maintenance and other causes can lead to, that the site temporarily or speedworld-kart.at. can not be achieved over a long period. Our company takes no responsibility for any specific availability or. Accessibility of websites. For the correctness, completeness, legality, Objectivity and timeliness of the content offered on the website does not guarantee Austria Advertising. This applies equally to all products offered on the website and services, including associated descriptions and prices. Our company can at any time without prior notice adjustments, make changes and deletions to the site in their entirety and the content presented on their.

5. liability
Our of Business or. the people associated with our company or. Companies are not liable for whatsoever damages (z.B. lost profits, frustrated expenditures, Damages for loss of data, lost earnings, Claims due to enrichment law, legal advice- contract establishment costs). This disclaimer applies in particular to all damages, by the use of the Site and Services, from temporary or permanent inability to use (Downtime), or by the limited availability. the content thereon, by erroneous representation of contents, caused by the appearance of external content, or representation of hyperlinks.

Resulting from the use of the website and services or. of its content by damage to Hard- and / or software or. to other data, our company makes no liability whatsoever. The user notes, that the services offered by our company are also available, including the third network operator. Availability of services is therefore dependent on the technical provision of external network services. Our company assumes no obligation, to keep the services offered without interruption and at all times available on the Internet. The user is aware, that our company to the possibility of Internet access, the transmission speed and the availability and stability of network connections and accounts, however, has no influence. Our company is authorized, the services for internal reasons, for maintenance purposes about, to suspend for a reasonable time.

In particular for reasons of force majeure, during strikes, Lockouts and official orders and because of technical changes to the systems of our company or because of other measures, which are necessary for proper or improved operation (z.B. Maintenance work, Repairs etc.) it may be a temporary restriction of services. The user can derive any claims, our company is, however, to work towards rapid troubleshooting.

The user is entitled to use the services of our company each own risk and expense and obligation, this is only appropriate technical devices, such as appropriate computer, Modems etc. to use. The user is also obliged, to use the services only in compliance with the legal requirements to complete and in particular to refrain from any abusive use of the services. As far as services are rendered free of charge, our company reserves the right, to provide them at any time for consideration after a previous announcement. A claim for provision charge-free services is in no case.

Our company also provides users with services (and services) an, which gives third parties, create or otherwise made available. Our company will seek expediency after, by the operation of any third party rights, especially, but not limited to copyright, Verwertungs-, Brands- or other use rights, to hurt.
However, our company does not guarantee, that the users of undrawn services free of rights, especially, but not limited to copyright, Verwertungs-, Brands- or other user rights, are. A liability for any resulting damage is excluded. In the case, that our company offers on the website free software downloads, We accept no liability whatsoever for their operation. In particular, for any (Episode-)damage, resulting from the use of the software (z.B. Damage to the operating system) We accept no liability.

Our company strives to ensure the accuracy, Completeness and timeliness of price information and information contained on these sites. Since our company receives the price information and information from third parties, but it has no way, to check these for accuracy. In particular, the data are subject to periodic changes. Therefore, our company is not responsible for the accuracy, Completeness and timeliness of price information and information contained on this website.

This general exclusion of liability applies regardless of any enforced claim basis for slight negligence and to companies for gross negligence. The disclaimer extends to contractual and non claims.

6. amendments
Our company has the right these Terms and all other legal texts in any form whatsoever to change at any time without notice, or adjust. to update. The current revision of these conditions of use is binding. All users should consult the terms and conditions and the associated legal texts, to be able to follow the changes. All users expressly agree, that the valid version for users as soon as, as soon as they visit the site again and the current version of the Terms of Service or. expressly and in writing object to the other legal texts.

7. Hyperlinks
Our company is not responsible for linked websites and their contents. The available on the website hyperlinks are a free service line of our company. Our company has or no influence on the design. Change the linked sites and the content they offer. If hyperlinks refer to external content, make these no valuation of the linked content is. In particular, our company accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness, legality, Objectivity and timeliness of this content. Access to information, which can be reached through hyperlinks, is the sole responsibility of the user. All users are requested to read the terms on Linking and Framing. In the case, notice that users, that a link to legally problematic content refers, You will be asked, to inform our company to office@speedworld-kart.at through this link via email, so that it can be removed as soon as possible, if appropriate,.

8. legal texts
All other legal texts on our website, referred to in these Terms, are an integral part of these Terms and in any case subject to the restrictions in these Terms regulations, if they do not contain specific rules. More specific provisions can be made for example in the case of paid content regarding the rights.

9. Jurisdiction / Place of Performance / Applicable Law
If the user is an entrepreneur, so this is for Lower Austria / LG Korneuburg competent court exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes. If the user is a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act, this shall only, if he in whose jurisdiction his residence, has his habitual residence or his place of employment. Performance for all claims and obligations is the headquarters of our company. It is only the substantive law of Austria excluding the UN sales law (fish) and national conflict of laws.

10. Severability / Miscellaneous
The invalidity or ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the Terms shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions; this case, those agreements are considered to be met, which are legally valid and the original objective of our company next. As far as literacy is required, the transmission by fax or e-mail satisfies this requirement.

11. Copyright-Statement
Copyright to their own content

All reproduced on the Website (z.B. Text, graphics, …) are trademarks- and / or copyrighted by our company. It is therefore not allowed, download the site as a whole or individual parts thereof, to reproduce and distribute. In particular, the rights of reproduction, distribution, Rental, award, Provision and broadcast in any form whatsoever belong exclusively to our company or to third parties. Violations of intellectual property rights are pursued by legal.

Copyright to foreign content

Our company operates on the website services, that the use of third-party content (z.B. Text, graphics, Logos, …) entail (z.B. Contents of manufacturers, service Leiser, advertising partners, Content from partners). This content can be viewed by all users. Each whatsoever other use of multimedia files and texts requires the prior, or express consent of the author. beneficial owner. The originator or. Beneficial owner retains all rights to the multimedia files and texts before. Our company is the originator or. inform beneficial owner of copyright infringement, when these companies come to our knowledge. In any case, our company accepts for copyright infringement of third parties no liability whatsoever. each partner (z.B. Manufacturer, advertising partners, cooperation partners) , our company from liability.

12. Linking & Framing
Links from other sites

Our company allowed (Hyper-)Links under the following conditions:

You may modify the content of our website in any way, the recognition of the origin of all content must be guaranteed in full and speedworld-kart.at must be represented as linked website in totality. The presentation of content of Web sites through the use of frames is not allowed. The linking of websites with offensive, offensive, morals contradictory or otherwise controversial / illegal content is also prohibited. The contents of the websites need all legislation applicable (z.B. copyright, advertising law, Data protection law, criminal Law) fully meet. Above all, these sites may not be the relationship with our company in adulterated, incorrect or. Play illegally. A collaboration with or. support of our company in whatever kind can only be found, if our company has expressly agreed in writing to. In particular, the use of the corporate identity of our company needs (z.B. Logos) the prior consent of our company. Our company reserves the right in the case of illegal links all rights.

Links from other sites speedworld-kart.at

Our company places great value in linking to other sites on, that foreign contents are changed on the linked websites in any way, the recognition of the origin is given this foreign content and the linked website is displayed in its entirety. When showing foreign content, a new browser window is always open and the framing technique not used. For the legality of the content of external websites, it is linked to the part of our company, our company assumes no responsibility whatsoever. In particular, our company does not assume any responsibility for the subsequent alterations of this content. The inclusion of a switched or operated by a third party web site in the system operated by our company internet portal provides no recommendation or guarantee of the offered therein or. services included, in particular, information, and the goods or services is at best offered. As far as our company uses links to sites, which are not operated by our company, this is done only as an additional service for the user, to allow this access to such sites. However, our company does in these cases not to be responsible and / or liable for the content of such websites..