In the Speed ??World, we offer several unique Rinks. Your group will be divided into two teams, competing in the game against each other. Forest playfields different missions are executed. Guard Add or cross a bridge, or you prefer to conquer a fort?

You get equipment and protective clothing. For now, you can warm up on a practice range and then discover with your teammates on the field and play your mission. Packages depending on the game length and quantity of paintballs
clothing: solid shoes, Comfortable long pants

PITCHES: paint3

5000 m² Rec Ball Feld
2400 m² 7 Mann Supair
2200 m² 5 Mann Arena
1200 m² Fun Star Feld
100 m² Shootingranch

PRICES: court fee & rental (field- / Luftgebühr)
ab EUR 25,- pro Person
(with rental equipment including. Balls