Station QUAD

You can use 7 Quad simultaneously 800 traveled m long track. You will receive an enrollment, Helmet and a jumpsuit. for a free practice, in which you can get to know the route, followed by a qualifying. the best lap time are counted and a ranking. So we have despite several group runs a total winner.

1 hour 7 Quad for 7-14 persons.

clothing: HELM – free spot. Balaclava duty at rental helmet! solid shoes, possibly gloves.

Quad trips:download-8
VEHICLES: YAMAHA Bruin 350ccm Automatic - 1 seater
(approved no sociality!)
BEKLEIDUNGSTIP: lange Hose, T-shirt or. Sweater or Regenhaut (depending on the weather), sturdy shoes, gloves (Helmets are available – Also a separate helmet must be brought)
NUMBER OF PEOPLE: 6 bis 10 persons (With 1 or. 2 Guides)
MINIMUM: from 16 years
PRICES: 1 hour EUR 57,-
Quad Courses:quad2
VEHICLES: 7 Piece YAMAHA Breeze 125cc Automatic
clothing: helmets are mandatory!
(Overalls and helmets are available on site free of charge)
TRACK TEXTURE: OFFROAD, 820m lang – timekeeping
MINIMUM: from 14 years
PRICES: 1.Ticket 10min. EUR 14,-

1 Hour to EUR 490,-
(maximal 7 QUAD simultaneously)


Station QUWASTher

You can a.d the beautiful lowland forests in Bruck. Leitha with our Quad Tour (up to 10 persons) explore. After enrollment and announcing the tour regulate the short test drive starts in the Speed ??World. You ride a Yamaha Bruin 350cc automatic 1 seater. If even all sit securely in the "saddle", begins the one-hour tour. an experienced guide leads the group through the terrain. the majority of the tour leads through easy terrain with beautiful views. a little uphill and downhill mean the short passages Action. 1 Hour quad tour for 6-10 persons. clothing: HELM charge on site. Sturmhaubenpficht in rental helmet. solid shoes, possibly gloves.